IFS Psychotherapy

I have been a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist since 2009, providing counseling with individuals, couples, and families. I use various tools for my own growth, including bodywork, therapy, and consultation with colleagues. I help clients explore the “systems” and contexts that shape them, as well as their individual uniqueness and strengths.

I believe people are good and do their best at any given time. That even the most troubling behaviors, moods, or “symptoms” are ultimately trying to help or protect us. When we get to know the parts of us that struggle, understanding their perspectives, fears, and intentions, we can help them release their pain and find more genuine roles. People have problems not because they are “bad” or lack something in essence, but because their natural wisdom and resources have been constrained by burdens acquired over time. I value people’s strengths and expertise in their own life, focusing less on diagnoses and more on making meaning and growing the ability to be with your internal and external worlds with more and more compassion and wisdom.

I specialize in using the Internal Family Systems model for this work, but use other approaches as well. I believe in the power of witness, of being heard and seen, to have partners in healing and growth. I have interests in anxiety/depression, trauma and neglect, marriage and relationships, finding passion and vocation, parenting, multi-racial families, adoption, and the role of spirituality in mental health.

Contact me for a free phone conversation to see if we’d be a good fit to work together.

Sessions are held securely at Doxy.me

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