Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy Training

I am pleased to offer the training program in Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy, accredited by the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education. The 30-hour program is available to licensed mental health professionals and those in training. Graduates have the option to enter a certification process which includes consultation and a peer review. Program Information

I enjoy a dual career in clinical spiritual care education, and private-practice psychotherapy. Integrative movements in psychotherapy pay attention to both the client’s and therapist’s spirituality, whether it is experienced implicitly or explicitly. This program seeks to deepen understanding and capacity for therapists to practice with sensitivity to bio-psycho-social-spiritual dynamics.

Next Offering: None Scheduled

Modality: In-person or online

Tuition: $750

Dates (Central USA):

Course 1: TBD

Courses 2&3: TBD

Courses 4&5: TBD

Courses 6&7: TBD

Courses 8&9: TBD

Course 10: TBD 3-Hour Session for 3 participants at a time

SIP Certification: Those that complete the 30-hour training are eligible to continue the learning toward certification as a Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapist.

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