I have been a Minnesota MFT Board Approved Supervisor since 2013. In addition to navigating the ethics, statutes, and processes of therapy practice, I love taking part in those exciting developmental years between “book learning” and independent practice. My specialty in supervision is exploring the “self of the therapist” toward integrated and embodied practice. I’m a bit of a theory nerd, focusing especially on IFS, narrative, body-based, intersubjective, and cultural development theories. I also appreciate the history of systems therapy and love to read the classics of Bowen, Minuchin, Nagy, and Satir. I believe in the power of systems-oriented, culturally humble, and engaged therapists to effect healing and inspiration in families and communities.

I do individual, dyadic, and group sessions with the following rates:

Individual – $75/hour

Dyadic – $50/hour

Group – $35/hour

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